We believe that social
commerce is the key
to improving the
financial well-being of
everyone, everywhere.

Our Social Commerce Vision

Be effortless, collaborative, and fun

Provide an effective flow of goods and services

Balance costs and benefits for everyone involved

We wanted to make that happen.
So we rolled up our sleeves, and we created Flow.

Executive Team

Daniel Burns Executive Chairman

William Cockburn Co-Founder
Executive Director

Michael Boland Co-Founder
Executive Director

Amy ter Haar Chief Executive Officer

Robert Shields Chief Commercial Officer

Todd Sturgeon Chief Technology Officer

Sales & Business Team

Muz Abbas

Samantha Burton

Madhur Choudhary

Kaspar deLine

Carey M. Gibson

Shon Gill

Stan Kiner

Kathy Kohn

Thomas Logodin

Darren Pereira

Miguel Puga

Jen Semple

Mark Sequeira

Technical Team

Riza Berkan

Adam Janzen

Oleg Leikin

Al Logan

Victor Menendez

Bill Pearce

Jeff Routledge

James Semple

Mike Tan

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